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LaunchPod brings together everything that is required for progressive organisations and businesses to design new workspaces that enhance creativity, productivity and efficiency. Our workspace pods and accessories provide state-of-the-art features and innovative enhancements for individuals, small teams and remote professionals.  

Our pods strike the perfect balance for both remote and in-person workspace personnel and teams.

LaunchPod also helps organisations redesign and realign their workspaces post-COVID and post-WFH to make your staff and team feel more appreciated and better supported.

We offer a comprehensive array of options and support services for organisations of different sizes on different paths and levels of workspace realignments to help you find the best configuration for your journey.

Created for Organisations
The Ultimate in Productivity

Elevate any space into a highly productive work environment. Create zones for collaboration and communication simply by choosing the right pod for the right type of work.

Streamlined for Managers
Totally Eliminate Red Tape

Installed in a day, pods are the ideal solution that do not require permits, builders or financial investment from landlords. Instant productivity for your existing workspace.

Designed for Team Leaders
Tomorrow’s Workspace Today

Select from a wide range of options – single person phone booths to 8-person collaboration pods with the latest communication and technology options built-in. Available in a wide range of colours and configurations to suit almost any vocation or work environment.

Optimised for Logisticians
In Stock and Ready to Install

Choose from a wide and available catalog, and our versatile team of project managers, installers and workspace consultants can help you create or realign an existing workspace to achieve your organisational objectives quickly and effectively.


We are a not-for-profit environmental foundation, so we aim to do things in the most sustainable way we can. We were horrified that our landlords wanted us to rip out our previous office’s fit-out and throw it away. That’s why we chose LaunchPod. A sustainable fit-out solution that avoids the hidden costs of construction.   Claire Bell Head of Culture and Organisation PLANET ARK Melbourne

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