the Future of Work

At LaunchLAB we explore, play and prototype how technology will impact the Future of Work.

Through a series of projects and prototypes, our team is designing the Future of Work[spaces].

The Future of Work[space]

Our team is quite interested in the potential and limitations of AI, as it relates to how we express ourselves, communicate and create.

The Future of Work[space] site is our challenge to create a media platform for articles on the future of work.

We use AI toolsets through the editorial and content creation process as a way of amplifying and accelerating the process.

Mr Green

Our team is looking at a range of practical applications for AI in workspaces, including assistants and interactive front-of-house support (a virtual concierge).

However, we realised early on that AI is neither a slave to our team or our overlord – rather it needs to occupy that place between colleague and toolset.

Mr Green is our persona for all things AI within LaunchPAD.

We believe Mr Green will have such an enormous impact how people will interact with workspaces, our resident film maker is creating a vision for what work will be like.


PODAssist is designed to link the environment of the pod to office systems such as booking calendars and environmental controls.

Our team is currently prototyping the system and testing at LaunchPAD.