Finance & Warranty


LaunchPOD has “low-doc” finance and rental options through our leasing partner.  Finance covers all products, allowing you to minimise operational budget (cash) investment in your space.

Why invest in your Landlord’s building?

We have Finance and Rental options available. Finance allows you to claim all GST up-front (Bonus) as well as the full instant tax write-off.


Pods have a 3 Year Warranty on all mechanical aspects, and 1 Year Warranty on electrical items and fittings.

2 Year Warranty on Structural Elements and Mechanisms and 1 Year on Stitching/covering and Fabrics.

The Furniture Warranty does not apply to:

  1. Normal wear and tear, including pilling, fading, loss or deterioration (of the whole product or its components)
  2. Damage caused by improper use, cleaning, negligence, treatment, transportation, storage of the products or otherwise caused by your acts and/or omissions
  3. Damage caused through any modifications, alterations, improper assembly, tampering, or products used in an abnormal manner and not for the products intended purposes
  4. Damage caused by exposing the products to the sun, extreme heat or cold, or chemicals/agents that are known to damage the finish of the product
  5. Body impressions on sofas and chairs where the indentation is less than 32mm
  6. Damages caused by Act of God
  7. Defects in products that are sold “As Is” or ‘’Floorstock’’ which were brought to your attention on purchase

We will provide replacement parts if a failure occurs in these timeframes, and outside warranty, we have spare parts (panels, glass, etc) available for purchase.