Acoustic Furniture

Transform your thinking with our range of acoustic furniture. Bring a sense of fun, splash of exciting colour and soft textures, to enhance productivity to your workspace. You will be amazed by the practical and reality-bending  features of our range of acoustic furniture – try them today to see how they can be used to create privacy and acoustically-enhanced spaces out in the open floor plan of your workspace. The range can be used in spaces with limited room to create semi-private meeting spaces for low-key discussions and collaborations.

Mobi Desks


Beechworth Screen




Whitsunday Sofa


Yarra Versatile Sofa


Augusta Round Semi Enclosed Booth


Peninsula Sofa


Mornington Sofa


Moon Sofa


Byron Sofa


Stirling Sofa


Boomerang Sofa


Barossa Couch


Bondi Phone Booth


Redcliff Semi Enclosed Booth


Taronga U Shaped Booth


House Booth


Kakadu Semicircle Booth


Hamilton U Shaped Booth


Norfolk U Shaped Booth


Lawson Sofa