DIY Pods

One of the biggest advantages of our pods is the endless range of options available to customise and make your pod the perfect addition to your workspace. From 1-person pods all the way up to 8-10 person meeting pods, we have the right pod for your workspace. 

Accesories include matching seating, table and workstation options, not to mention, the latest technology-powered range of accessories to make your pod the high-tech workstation that is also future-proof. Or, you can choose to have a combination of pods for different scenarios and productivity focus. The options are literally endless.

Mobi Desks


Beechworth Screen




Whitsunday Sofa


Yarra Versatile Sofa


Peninsula Sofa


Mornington Sofa


Byron Sofa


Stirling Sofa


Boomerang Sofa


Barossa Couch


Bondi Phone Booth


Redcliff Semi Enclosed Booth


Taronga U Shaped Booth


Hamilton U Shaped Booth


Norfolk U Shaped Booth


Lawson Sofa


Interactive LCD Screen