For Your Workplace

Every workspace that is future-proof needs to be modular, open to innovation, and able to be re-configured depending on the direction and scalability of the business. LaunchPod’s pods are the perfect solution for the future-proof workplace because they fit the bill, and more.

Office and team managers can re-configure their pods as their team’s needs grow and evolve. Because the pods are modular and able to be accessorised, as the business explore new opportunities, they can be re-configured to adapt to changing needs.

Financial controllers can capitalise on the re-configurability and stretch the operational dollar further. Lease options and ability to upgrade or re-sell help to recoup costs that can be put to new designs and installations. Pods are simply the better alternative to a greener, more sustainable future for workspaces.

Meeting Spaces

Brilliant meeting spaces for 1-10 collaborators

High Tech Pods

Special purpose pods customised for every industry

Acoustic Furniture

Transform your workspaces, elevate performance



Augusta Round Semi Enclosed Booth










Smart Table










Mobi Desks


Beechworth Screen




Whitsunday Sofa


Yarra Versatile Sofa


Augusta Round Semi Enclosed Booth


Peninsula Sofa


Mornington Sofa


Moon Sofa


Byron Sofa


Stirling Sofa


Boomerang Sofa


Barossa Couch


Bondi Phone Booth


Redcliff Semi Enclosed Booth


Taronga U Shaped Booth


House Booth


Kakadu Semicircle Booth


Hamilton U Shaped Booth


Norfolk U Shaped Booth


Lawson Sofa