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Bondi Phone Booth


Semi-enclosed Single Person Phone Booth.
Brilliant personal acoustic booth, designed to block out office sounds and give you personal space for phone calls, reading, or recharging.
In a busy work environment, these booths provide quiet spaces that can be tucked into corners or low traffic zones out of the way, increasing utilization of space and providing people with more options for work.
Comes with 90 Commercial Fabric Options (all Fireproofed Fabrics), including contrasting seats if required.

Includes LED Lighting System.

Seasonal Colours

Sandy         Copper 
Goldenrod Forest Green
Peacock Blue

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Width: 650mm, Depth: 650mm and Height: 2000mm


Includes a single booth. Excluses delivery and installation.

Good to Know

Frame: Hardwood Timber Covering: PU Fabric over high density foam
Clean regularly with a mild detergent or soap. Do not use harsh chemicals.