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If space is limited but you want the versatility of a small meeting room and communications pod, our mPod is precisely what you need.

Slightly larger than a sPod, this cute little pod is large enough for two people to have quiet conversations or enjoy it as a generous phone booth.

Our installers can assemble the pod in half a day, or your team could construct it as a team-building exercise using our online guides and videos.

This pod includes environmental controls that allow you to adjust the LED lighting colour temperature, and brightness. You can even change the fan speed to reduce white noise or create a cool breeze.

Contact our consultants, who are experts in workplace design, to discuss creating a brilliant coworking space for your business.

Seasonal Colours

Charcoal       White  
Green Grey   Grey
Sandy         Copper 
Goldenrod Forest Green
Peacock Blue

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 Two people
 Adjustable fan speed from zero to 74m3 per hour
 (Approximately 4mins per change)
 Adjustable brightness and colour temperature
 (3000 – 6000k, 0 – 1800lm)
 Max 52w
Acoustic Performance:
 30dB, Class A ISO23351
Power Outlet:
 5 hole universal outlet x 2, USB type A x 1, USB type C x 1
Width: 1600mm, Depth: 1375mm, Height: 2326mm
Width: 1600mm, Depth: 1375mm, Height: 2170mm


Requirest delivery and installation by a minimum of 2 trained installers.
Includes all components to build pod only. Excluses delivery and installation.
Packaged in a single large crate, that require either a crane truck delivery or tailgate loader. Space is required for uncrating contents and hand-carrying to the assembly location. Crates are predominately made from recyclable timber and plywood. Individual items may be wrapped in non-recyclable bubble wrap. May require permission from local authorites when delivered to CDB addresses.

Good to Know

Walls, ceiling and floor: Composite panels with layers of streel, timber, high-density plastic and insulation or laminated glass. Linings: Polyester accoustic felt Floor: Polyester commercial grade carpet Exterior: Vinyl membrane for wall and roof panels, anodized aluminum frame.
Requires minimum gap of 300mm between pod and walls for assembly. Once assembled, the pod cannot be moved without disassembly. Carpets and linings can be removed (with care) for cleaning.
Clean exterior vinyl, anodized aluminium and door hardware with mild soap and water only. Linings and carpet can be removed for deep cleaning, otherwise use mild soap and water only.

5 in stock (can be backordered)