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Designed as an efficient alternative to construction, our Cube range of pod rooms are a cost-effective alternative to room construction. Delivered onsite in several large crates and assembled in a day, these pods can quickly transform large areas into efficient coworking spaces.

Cubes create instant zones for focused work, learning, or collaborating to make things. Combined with our acoustic furniture, they create a multi-zone coworking environment that enhances the creativity and productivity of any business.

Cubes, which you can purchase with up to three floor-to-ceiling frameless glass walls, are light and airy spaces for your team to work in. When configured with no floor and a sliding door, they become fully DDA-compliant.

Teams will appreciate how the sound-deadening qualities and environmental controls recreate a focused zone for work. The adjustable lighting brightness and fan speed control are brilliant for creating the right work mood. And when the team leave, the lights automatically turn off.

When it comes time to reconfigure your office or relocate the team, our Cube Pods can accompany you to your next space, minimising make-good costs and creating a circular economy.

The sCube is large enough to accommodate four people for a meeting comfortably. The solid walls are strong enough that you can mount whiteboards and monitors.

Seasonal Colours

Sand Black       Pearl White  
Granite Grey
Sandstone   Blue  
Dark Green Indigo      
Just Grey

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Width: 3000mm, Depth: 3000mm, Height: 2300mm
Width: 2950mm, Depth:2950mm, Height: 2250mm


Includes all components to build pod only. Excluses delivery and installation.
Packaged in multiple large crates, that require either a crane truck delivery or access to a forklift truck. Space is required for uncrating contents and hand-carrying to the assembly location. Crates are predominately made from recyclable timber and plywood. Individual items may be wrapped in non-recyclable bubble wrap.

Good to Know

Walls, ceiling and floor:: Composite panels with layers of streel, timber, high-density plastic and insulation or laminated glass. Linings: Polyester accoustic felt Floor: Polyester commercial grade carpet Exterior: Vinyl membrane for wall and roof panels, anodized aluminum frame.
Requires minimum gap of 300mm between pod and walls for assembly. Once assembled, the pod cannot be moved without disassembly.
Clean exterior vinyl, anodized aluminium, linings and door hardware with mild soap and water only.

Available on back-order